Glamour from the Asylum

Katie Crossbones.
International Showgirl, Living in Mermaid Lagoon, Neverland (Australia)

It’s scorching outside & I’m slaving away in a boiling hot kitchen.
 Too much heat for me to cope with

I have a 6am start, lots to do & a long journey across the country.
So time for bed & snuggless with my cat.

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I honestly wish I’d planned ahead and got the next fortnight off work and ran away up north and hidden in a cabin in the woods til the games nonsense went away. ALAS.

I’m only there until Sunday for work, then next weekend for CN & the opera so should hopefully avoid most of the madness.

Common Wealth Games!

All day I’ve heard about the common wealth games starting tomorrow & only now at 11:30pm has it occurred to me (courtesy of conversations with my mum, timed with reading bigscarytiger ‘s post) that I am travelling back to Glasgow tomorrow.
Ugh there are too many people as it is never mind tourists & liquor’d up locals on a Wednesday night.
I will be power walking straight to my boys place to safely hide in blankets with cuddles & rum ^_^