Glamour from the Asylum

Katie Crossbones.
International Showgirl,
Mermaid Lagoon, Neverland

American Horror Story: Freak ShowTeasers

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Don’t know if I’m in love or just eaten too much chocolate.

spending the weekend with my cat

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Most accurate portrayal of mermaids in modern cinema. 

You guys realize mermaids were only evil in certain cultures, and in Denmark they never were evil and that’s why The Little Mermaid was sweet?

Not all mermaids were evil.

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Peaceful breakfast.

photos by me

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The Elvira Show. CBS filmed a pilot for the Elvira show hot off the heels of the movie “Elvira, Mistress of the Dark” though the shows plot line has nothing to do with the movie. I was lucky enough to actually be at the taping of this pilot. The show starred Cassandra Peterson as Elvira and Katherine Helmond as Aunt Minerva. The writing is witty and chocked full of innuendoes and one liners that are so bad they are great! Too bad it was never picked up.

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